Have you always wanted to fly and never knew how?

Come and challenge yourselves through physical, challenging and fun activities.

The activities develop relevant muscles and stability, and improve flexibility, coordination and self control.

The method of learning includes remaining in different postures on the flying trapeze, and the more the student develops flexibility and strength while improving the precision of the postures, they can be caught by the catcher and then advance to the next one. Over time the students will learn to add to the height of their flight, which will allow them to go into more complex postures more smoothly and precisely. In the advanced stage, after the students have become comfortable with flight and have more control and understanding of it, they can slowly remove the safety cables and experience the ultimate flying experience – Out of Lines Flying!

The instruction on the flying trapeze stresses safety and is subject to international standards, including a safety net and security cables connected directly to the special harness the student wears, and is accompanied by professional instructors who have vast experience in teaching and operating the facility.

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