Our circus workshops offer a variety of  an unusual  experience of the circus skills.

Workshops are ideal as a main course or as a supplement (and even dessert …) in social days, fun days for workers, social events, and private events for all ages and all sizes.

Circus workshops allow to experiment different skills, learn new tricks and magic and … find out about yourself surprising talents.

 selection of circus workshops in various areas:

 Walk on high level cable – walk with perfect balance on a metal cable over 4 feet. Under thick mattresses spread out cable. The walk accompanied by a guide. Age 5 and above.

Trapeze – high-altitude exercises on the famous circus swing.

Tissot – special cloth strap dangling from the ceiling –allow you to try various acrobatics exercises.

 Acrobalance – a fascinating workshop allow you to Experience pair, third and any other structure, balance, supports lifts.

Walking on crutches – a great experience of “feeling high”. Walking on stilts height 50 cm under the guidance of two instructors. Aged 6 and older.

Jumping on an Olympic  trampoline – experience acrobatics and balance performing flips, jumps and rolls. Ages 3 and up.

Riding a unicycle – extreme riding on one wheel. From age 8 and up.

Juggling – challenging juggling with different accessories: Poise, Double Stick, Diablo, Chinese dishes, balls, ribbon and more. Recommended for all ages.

Creativity workshop – Selection of arts and crafts – creating juggling balls, creating Steph, creating Poise Krksiim.

Laughter Yoga – come and thaw out all your stops. A combination of training , releasing ‘laugh and yoga breathing exercises.

Magic – Demonstration and study of light magic for all ages. At the end of the workshop, you can get the accessories of Magic.

Seating makeup – cheerful circus makeup for children and adults.

Staph – knows as – “the stick”. Used in defense and fight technique.

Workshops for children

Sculpted balloons – the children are doing (and take home as a gift balloons in favorite forms: Care Bears, flowers, dogs and more.

Arts and crafts – a selection of workshops for children by topic or relevant holiday.

Preparation of circus posters – Create different techniques circus posters: collage, paint and adhesive.