Interaction, sales promotion, receptions, street theater

  • The Giants – Characters on stilts towering to a height of four meters, appearing in an assortment of stunning costumes.
  • The Silent People – Human sculptures covered from head to toe in special costumes and make-up, and move to the rhythm of the music and the atmosphere.
  • Jugglers and unicyclists – a juggling performance of motion with balls, clubs, chains and other accessories. A unicycle riding show with a variety of sizes and heights.
  • Rubber Girl – Rubber girls performing on podiums, with amazing ring and flexibility acts.
  • The Fire Show – a spectacular and breathtaking juggling show using assorted fire accessories.
  • Hula Hoop Group – circus artists specializing in hula hoop.
  • The Circus Team – actors and circus artists appearing as extravagant characters according to the concept of the event.
  • The Balloon Clown – an artist who prepares artistic creations from balloons, while being funny and entertaining and encouraging guest participation.