HINOMIZU 2 – The Fire and Water Circus
A journey into two distant but fascinating worlds – the worlds of fire and water, meeting for the first time on the circus stage.
A riveting and delightful experience starring tens of international circus stars and actors.

This is a show that you simply cannot miss…

The performance combines breathtaking circus acts along with comic sets that includes audience participation and interaction. Wonderful music, lots of colors, fun and personal magic that only the circus can provide. The show is hosted by Missiah Royal, the circus announcer and includes 10 circus artists.

A magical musical performance combining amazing and breathtaking circus acts
with assorted acrobatic techniques, performed by seven circus artists.

A riveting performance by four circus artists (especially suited for smaller audiences).
The show’s duration: 45 minutes.

A classical performance including three artists.
The show’s duration: 40 minutes.

An intimate circus performance by 2 artists, especially suited for small stages and for small audiences.
The show’s duration: 30 minutes.

A circus performance in the based on “Break-Outs” – very brief circus acts during an entirely different event. For example, during a directors convention, between the speakers, a fire show breaks out on stage!! The goal is to excite the audience and warm up the atmosphere with refreshing energy, but without breaking the natural sequence of the event.

Examples? Here are a number of our original recommended break-out acts:
Octagonal Trapeze – an acrobatic dancer performs on a static octagonal trapeze.
Flexibility – two circus artists perform an exciting and precise show on a rotating podium.
Fire – a show combining different elements of fire for a especially exciting experience.
Air – a breathtaking solo or duet, on the trapeze, ring or tissue (silk).
Hula Hoop – an amazing show using a large number of hoops performed by a circus artist and accompanied by music.
Cyr Wheel – the Israeli Cyr Wheel champion performs dangerous and daring acrobatic acts in an impressive and fascinating show.
Trampoline – three Olympic trampolinists perform breathtaking acrobatic acts.
Floor Jumping – three acrobats specializing in floor exercises jump through fire hoops and more.
Tightrope walking – between heaven and earth; breathtaking and expert exercises on the tightrope.