Hello, and thank you for coming over for a visit.

The Florentine Circus is a modern circus with performers who specialize in aerial acrobatics, fire juggling, tightrope walking, acrobalance (a two person balancing act), hovering on a giant wheel, unicycle riding, flexibility, juggling, clowns and dancing, and street theatre.

The circus was established eight years ago in Tel Aviv’s Florentine neighborhood, and is currently located in Kfar Hayarok near the Ramat Hasharon Junction (see map).

Since the circus was established, we have tried to make breakthroughs and create a world of magical and fascinating visual content for all ages. The circus operates in every area in which an artistic circus can provide entertainment and an opportunity for the spectators to try their hand in circus skills. The circus specializes in circus productions, performance, exhibits, and workshops. The Florentine Circus also teaches circus skills to children, teenagers and adults, in addition to circus day camps during vacations (holiday and summer)…

The circus’ staff includes Israeli circus artists along with new immigrants. As circus people, we try to be involved in the community surrounding us. Two of the projects that we are especially proud of are the cooperation with children from the Kfar Hayarok boarding school, and the emotionally touching Ethiopian circus project.

We will be happy to have you among our guests at one of our wide assortment of activities.
Nir Kaplan and the circus team