The circus classes held at the Florentine Circus School are not like any other classes or activities…
We are a real circus that is entirely for kids!

Here we teach the students to develop their balance, to improve their coordination, physical condition, and their body’s flexibility.

Another important point:
our circus classes contribute to the student’s positive self esteem, the feeling of independence and increases self confidence in their ability to be independent.

The classes include a large variety of professional circus disciplines for various age groups:

  • Aerial professions – acrobatics: tissue, trapeze and ring, aerial rope, flying trapeze.
  • Floor professions – acrobalance (human pyramids), trampoline, flexibility and strength exercises.
  • Balancing professions – tightrope and stilt walking, rola bola, unicycle riding.
  • Additional professions – juggling, dance, clowning and Circus Theater.

The Florentine Circus is proud of its representative team, where outstanding members from the various classes (age eight and up) perform at special events, shows and festivals.

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